Stand Up Paddle Board Fishing – Really?

Stand Up Paddle Board Fishing

You’ve probably come to realise by now that Stand Up Paddle Boarding is one of if not the fastest growing water sports Fully Kitted out Fishing Board

globally. The benefits are far and wide and range from a great full body work-out, increases in endurance, stamina and balance right through to an improved sense of self-worth given your ability to decompress and unwind as well as re-connecting with nature. A truly fulfilling experience and one to really think about if you’ve not yet given it a try.

Whilst it is now becoming a recognised sport and recreational activity suitable for all comers of all levels, paddle boarding continues to further demonstrate it’s versatility with an ability to adapt to activities above and beyond it’s initial purpose.

Today we will take a look at Stand Up Paddle Board Fishing, some of the pros and cons as well as some general considerations that you might want to think about if your looking to give it a try.

Often debated alongside or as a comparison to each other, Paddle Boarding and Kayaking are somewhat seen as two peas in a pod with many an argument in favour or against both. There is typically a broad consensus that both are certainly a more environmentally friendly and more active means of fishing but beyond that you’re normally in one camp or the other. Perhaps it’s the water conditions or where you are planning to fish. It in essence comes down to a personal preference. Let’s consider the merits of both.

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More established as a means of fishing, you do not require a lot of adaptability to your kayak as opposed to a SUP so you can generally go fishing in most kayaks. Those designed for fishing though do offer some cool benefits:

Suitability – outside of surf conditions, kayaks can be used in varying water conditions including choppy waters and light to moderate swells as they offer a fairly good level of stability and lower body protection from the elements .Man Fishing on Paddle Board

Storage – unless your kayak is a sit-on as opposed to sit-inside of kayak, then you will have a number of front and rear storage options when compared to a SUP.

Effort – even if you are a relative newbie to kayaking, you can pick it up fairly quickly and will not require to be as skilled or fit when compared to the more demanding physical efforts of SUPing. This will therefore make it easier if you are looking to venture out to anything other than flat waters.

Price – kayaks are normally more affordable than paddle boards particularly when it comes to specialised or accessorised options. Specialised kayaks typically range from $700 – $2,000 whereas quality fishing SUPs normally have a higher starting price.

Add-ons / Accessories – somewhat similar to SUP’s there are a number of cool accessories that you can add on to your kayak to give you a more complete fishing experience. Some specialised crafts come with many of these features already integrated within the kayak itself but accessories can include – anchors; live bait storage tanks; tackle boxes; fish finders, bungee cords, portable collapsible trolleys or carts; rod holders; kayak landing nets suitable for sitting positions as well as dry storage areas for personal items.


While it does offer a number of similarities to kayak fishing in terms of an alternate to traditional fishing from a boat, SUP fishing does differ and offer other benefits when compared to fishing from a kayak:

Visibility – given that you are primarily in a standing position, you have a greater ability to move around and turn your body. This not only creates a better line of sight for the actual fishing, it also assists in rougher conditions as you can see over rolling waves for instance. You can also pick up on debris in the water, submerged rocks and objects or nearby people or water craft in and around you.

Weight / Mobility – paddle boards are far lighter, smaller and take up less space when compared to a kayak. They are easier to launch and are generally more manoeuvrable. Even when accessorised, one person can still comfortably carry a Stand Up Paddle Board FishingSUP. They offer a greater advantage again when you consider inflatable SUPs. Fast increasing in popularity as a genuine alternate to hard or solid boards given the advances in design, materials, and rigidity, inflatables offer a unique level of portability. With an ability to carry your board and accessories in a backpack, you can easily transport your inflatable in a vehicle or better again on flights. Having the ability to fly internationally with your entire fishing life attached to your back has to be a massive bonus for all avid anglers.

Exercise – as a recreational activity in general and also when compared to kayaking, paddling requires a greater level of balance and stability as well as exertion. It is therefore a better full body workout when compared to kayaking.

Add-ons / Accessories – like kayaking, there are a number of ways that your SUP can be accessorised. In addition to the above items, paddle boards can also be fitted with kayak style seats which in essence converts them to a sit-on kayak. You can also include a stabiliser which converts them to an outrigger creating greater stability when fishing.

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It’s really comes down to a personal preference. If you’re more focused on getting a better workout and sticking to the falter calmer waters, then SUP fishing will probably be your thing. If you’re however looking for a more relaxed fish where you can bring a lot more kit along then taking a seat on your kayak may be a better fit. As long as your on the water and taking it all in it can’t be a bad thing.

As always we would love to hear from you so please feel free to leave your comments below and we will get back to you.

Stay safe and get wet…..

10 thoughts on “Stand Up Paddle Board Fishing – Really?”

  1. Fishing from a small boat – yes. But I guess you could fish from a kayak or SUP too. I just think it would be more difficult from a kayak or SUP though due to less space, but I’ve never tried. You mentioned that you could add accessories to make it easier for storage and maneuvering. That’s awesome! 

    I’m sure it would be a great workout too. Hopefully the fish you’re trying to catch doesn’t make you fall into the water too:) Great article to read…learned something new. Thank you!

    • True Dana. The avid fisherman will no doubt still sit in their boats or fish from the shore but if your into throwing in some exercise and really enjoying the water then paddle boarding just adds an extra dimension. They have a bunch of accessories these days and its a growing sport so just another water to enjoy the water.All the best – Jason. 

  2. Stand up paddle boarding is a truly fun way to enjoy a day on the water. It’s a fun sport that requires balance, practice, and a love of the water on a nice day. Fishing while standing up on a paddle board seems like an advanced thing to try, but I imagine on a clear day, that the views into the water on a paddle board would provide vantages that other boats simply can’t. Seems like a fun thing to try!

    • I guess its a fishing thing as well Aly. I’m more of a paddle boarding purist and love to get out on the water myself but you do see a lot more people fishing from boards and kayaks these days. A lot cheaper and easier than a boat and good exercise as well. A lot of fun if you ever get the change.All the best – Jason. 

  3. Yes, this sport is indeed growing rapidly. And I have been hearing about it from several of my friends. I just knew the basics so I decided to come online and research a bit about it. I’m glad I discovered your post.

    I would like to give this sport a try. I didn’t know it was so affordable (I kinda expected the gear to be way more expensive).

    • Hey Paolo. Paddle Boarding is actually the fastest growing water sport globally so definitely worth checking out. Most of us typically stick to flat water paddling which caters for beginners through to seasoned pros but there are a few different disciplines now so its adapting very quickly. Give it a try if you get the chance but there’s a few other posts on my site if you’d like to know more so feel free to check them out.

      All the best – Jason. 

  4. Hello there,thanks for sharing this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me….over the years I haven’t really been a fan of fishing as I saw it to be a job for lazy person but the effect of the lockdown I had to do something to keep myself busy and with a river just behind my house….I just started and I must say fishing is amazing.

    • I guess there’s fishing and then there’s paddle board fishing Sophia. Whether your into fishing or not, you should give paddle boarding a try as there’s a load of benefits so give it a go.

      All the best – Jason.

  5. The summer is here again when life on the blue Water is  very fascinating and full of fun. I can wait to go fishing because Fishing is always an exciting moment whether on Canoes or Boat. Standing paddling and fishing certainly add more fun but it look more risky in the event of a big and stubborn catch though. Fishing on Kayak is wonderful experience except for the storage. Thank for post.

    • Summer – fishing – water, all great places to be attached to. Maybe just tag and throw back the big ones!!  If you do get the chance to give paddle boarding a go them I’m sure you’ll manage just fine. Give it a try.

      Stay safe and all the best – Jason.


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