Stand Up Paddle Board Accessories

Stand Up Paddle Board Accessories

Many sports and outdoor activities are made more enjoyable when we add and build onto our accessories. Stand Up Paddlle Boarding Accessories are no different and with such a broad range to choose from we are spoiled for choice.

Below are a few accessories that you might want to consider:

Paddle Board AccessoriesApparel – somewhat speaks for itself and akin to what you may generally find for many water sports, there is an array of apparel that will help protect you and offer additional buoyancy when boarding – everything from wetsuits, wet shirts (rashies), wet weather jackets, waterproof bags, neoprene boots (surf booties) are but some more obvious What to Wear items that are worth adding to your shopping cart.

Board Bags / Carry Straps – while inflatable SUPs will come with their own roll along or backpack style carry bags, if you choose to not deflate your board or have a hard or rigid board, then carry straps are a great idea if you are carrying your board over a longer distance. They are typically made from nylon and include supportive shoulder padding.

Leashes – you should never go boarding without your ankle leash. It’s critical to your safety so a must. Your board will come with a standard leash but there are many to choose from. Affixed to your ankle with Velcro, leashes are typically Coiled Ankle Leash

made from urethane and can vary in both length and quality and should be suited to your boarding style and conditions. They ensure that you will not get separated from your board as losing your board can have dire consequences particularly if you are in rougher or deep waters or are not a strong swimmer. Check out Paddle Board Leashes – Our Top 10 to learn more.

Stohlquist Edge Life JacketSafety Equipment – outside of leashes, your PFD (Personal Flotation Device) or sometimes referred to as life jacket, is the most critical boarding accessory that you will need. Falls will be inevitable and as there is no price that you can put on your well-being, taking your safety seriously should always be a priority. High visibility clothing and boarding helmets are also worth considering dependent on your level of experience and paddling conditions.

Deck Traction Pads – all boards will come with some form of deck padding although these can be altered in terms of thickness, length, width and quality all aimed at suiting your needs or boarding experience. You can also buy board traction pads for your four legged friends as well as pads that might better suit if you are fishing or doing a bit of board yoga.

Fins – dependent on the quality of your board and the fin configuration, changing or replacing your fins can totally alter Range of Paddle Board Fins

your boarding experience. Different configurations can cater for different paddling conditions – surfing, rough waters, wind surfing, flat water paddling – so once you start to get a feel for your board, consider looking at different fin options and configurations. Read Paddle Board Fins – What You Need to Know to learn more.

Pumps – without air in your inflatable SUP you’re not going too far. There are countless manufacturers that produce pumps to cater for all budgets. Options include hand and stand up foot pumps both single and dual action as well as single and dual cylinder for quicker inflation.

For those looking to take to the water on a more regular basis, we would always recommend investing in a quality electric pump. Many have universal attachment points so they will fit the vast majority of SUPs and other inflatables. There are some great Paddle Board Electric Pumps on the market so well worth considering.

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Action Mounts – some of the newer boards has inbuilt actions mounts but they can otherwise be bought as separate accessory items. Used for attaching everything from portable tables, bottle holders, fishing rods or even your GoPro camera to capture the moment, they are a great way capture the moment and make the most of any SUP experience.

Touring Seats – these are a great addition if you prefer to sit down or intend on doing longer distance paddling. Whilst some boards come with mounts, conversion kits are available. The seats are easily adjustable and can provide differing degrees of padding and lower back support.

Paddle Board Wind SurfingWind Surfing – some inflatable SUPs come with adjustable or alternate fin options, foot strap inserts and removable mast tracks which allow for mounting the sail. A totally different boarding experience so worth considering for the adventurous.

Fishing Rod Holders – whilst not the first thought for many of us, Fishing Rod Mount

fishing from paddle boards is becoming more popular for the avid flat water fishermen. Again, your board configuration considered, there are different pole mounts and accessories available should you be that way inclined.

Waterproof Speakers – why not! A great way to take your music with you without the need to use headphones.

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Nose and Tail Gate Guards – fixed to the front and rear of the board and more suitable for hard boards given their rigid nature, guards will offer you a level of board protection in the event the board is dropped on a hard surface or impacts with rocks or other debris in the water.

Anchors – perhaps not the first accessory that comes to mind for most of us but our yoga friends and fisherman know that board anchors can be a great addition particularly in windy conditions. More portable than a typical boat anchor and weighing between 3 to 10 pounds, they attach to either the front or rear ringlet and typically come standard with 20 to 30 feet of rope.

Repair Kits – we only ever think of them when we need one but having a board repair kit on hand is always a nice accessory to have nearby. Available for both inflatables as well as epoxy / fibreglass or other hard board materials, repair kits these days can be used by the novice with ease and are particularly water resilient and durable.

Whilst not exhaustive, the above are some more typical accessories that are well worth considering. Please always ensure that you have the key necessary safety gear but as you start to hit the water more often many of the other accessories should definitely enhance your boarding experience.

We hope you found this post of interest and as always would love to hear from you. Please feel free to leave your comments below and we will get back to you.

Until then, stay safe and get wet…

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  1. Thank you so much for this highly informative article! I want to learn how to both surf and paddle board, and I know that a crucial first step in the process is having the right equipment. I literally started making a list of things to buy as I was reading your article, and prioritized them from most important to least important (subjective). Thank you so much for taking the time to explain what the various accessories are, and how they contribute to the overall paddle boarding experience. God bless you!

    • Thanks very much. It’s a great sport and certainly worth getting into. Start small and then build up as you go. The next post will be on the health benefits on paddle boarding so keep an eye out for it.

      All the best and stay safe.


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