Shark II SUP Electric Air Pump Review

Shark II SUP Electric Air Pump Review

If you’re one for a pre-paddling heart pumping workout before you take to the water, then read no more. If however you’d rather have a little extra energy in the tank for when it counts, then the Shark II SUP Electric Air Pump may just be for you.

With compatibility to suit the large majority of paddle boards, kayaks, boats and even air mattresses, the OutdoorMaster Shark II is amongst the best rated electric SUP pumps on the market. It’s even stocked by stand up paddle board manufacturers who do not offer their own proprietary products which is definitely a vote of confidence.


Pressure Range: 5 – 20 psi
Digital Sensor Accuracy: 0.01 psi
Power: DC Power Cord – 9’ (275 cm)
Net Weight: 3.6 lbs (1.6 kgs)
Inflation Hose: 4’6” (137 cm)
Attachments: 4 x Nozzles / 4 x Gaskets

Shark II SUP Electric Air Pump and Accessories

About OutdoorMaster

Established in 2015 and based in Duarte, California, OutdoorMaster is an outdoor sports manufacturer that produces quality and affordable products with a predominant focus on water-sports, skating and skiing as well as related apparel and accessories. They pride themselves on delivering a product that is based on solid quality, technological innovation and nature-oriented designs.

Their inflatable paddle board range under the branding Chasing Blue, focuses on all round board and accessories packages. The Pro Series range utilises SCW (Superlight Coalitional-Woven) Technology for enhanced quality and durability, while they also offer a core range which uses a lower level of construction technology that better caters to the budget conscious buyer.

Key Electric Pump Buying Considerations

All electric pumps are not created equal, so before you part way with your cash, here’s a few tips on what to look for.

✔️ Portability – consider the weight and overall dimensions and size of the pump. Inflatable SUPs by their very nature are portable so lugging around another cumbersome accessory isn’t really ideal.

✔️ Pressure Gauge – a high quality gauge that can accurately measure the psi is particularly important. Look at the manufacturers recommended product inflation limit or range and preset the desired limit to eliminate the guess work or possibility of damaging your board.

✔️ Inflation / Deflation – pumps that both inflate and deflate make a lot of sense. Instead of spending the time to manually roll and fold your board trying to get all of the air out, the deflation function will do the job for you and make sure ALL of the air is out before you pack your board.

✔️ Power Source – ideally you want to be able to inflate your board in a remote location, so selecting a pump that can inflate via your cars battery or cigarette lighter or even a rechargeable battery can be particularly useful.

✔️ Universal Valves – make sure that the pump has multiple optional valves or a compatible valve that matches your board. Multiple valves will also offer versatility so you can use the pump for other inflatable products.

✔️ Auto Shut Off – another important feature as this will ensure that your pump does not overheat or you do not over inflate your board. Dialling in or presetting the desired inflation limit will provide you with peace of mind so you can go about your business.

✔️ Other – features including overheating protection, sufficiently long cables and hoses for efficiency, a sand filter to protect the pump, storage or carry bags and fast inflation times are also key benefits that you should consider before buying your pump.

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The Shark II

Upgraded from the original, the Shark II SUP Electric Air Pump has all of the key features that you would expect to find in a high quality portable electric product.

Shark II Electric Pump Motor

Designed and engineered to exacting standards, the Shark II features high and low pressure motors for faster pace inflation and deflation. As a dual-stage electric pump, stage 1 inflates the board rapidly at a rate of 350L / min up to 1 psi with stage 2 then kicking in at 70L / min until the desired preset inflation rate is achieved. Time to go – set the pump to deflate and the air will be vacuumed out in under 1 minute.

The Shark II also contains a built-in sand filter to protect the motor from dirt, sand and other debris.


With 4 different sets of nozzles and gaskets, you can quickly and easily inflate your paddle board or other high pressure inflatable product via your cars cigarette lighter or other 12v DC connector. Can also be used in conjunction with portable rechargeable batteries.

Shark II Electric Pump Adaptors and Accessories

Shark II Electric Pump Cooling System
Cooling System

The in-built frost active cooling system with a patented interior design, prevents the pump from over heating enabling you to fill multiple boards on the go, while the automatic cut-off function ensures that you do not over inflate and damage your board.

Digital Display

The touch button controls operate via an LCD digital display panel which includes preset real time pressure monitoring. The high pressure sensor is accurate to 0.01 psi reaching a maximum inflation pressure of 20 psi which is more than enough to inflate the toughest of paddle boards.

Shark II Electric Pump Digital Display Panel

Shark II Electric Pump

Did we also mention that it just looks really cool as well. The dorsal fin style design stays true to its name which culminates into a sleek, compact and light-weight pump that will comfortably fit into your iSUP carry bag or backpack.

The Shark II also uses eco-friendly materials and has passed a number of efficiency tests with CA65, CE and RoHS compliant certifications as well as being endorsed by industry associations and market leaders.

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If you’re in the market for an electric pump, then you would be doing yourself a serious disservice if the Shark II was not on your list. You might also be surprised to know that OutdoorMaster actually have a range of Electric SUP Pumps each with their own unique features. Check them out via the links on this page and use the above coupon code to enjoy greater savings.

Do you already own an electric pump or have you been slogging away the old school way? Start a conversation and leave a comment below.

Until then, stay safe and get wet.

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