SereneLife Inflatable Paddle Boards Review

SereneLife Inflatable Paddle Boards Review

Arguably the best-selling stand up paddle boards available online today with in excess of 10,000 verified Amazon Ratings alone, SereneLife produce quality beginner friendly entry-level paddle boards with a versatile range to suit paddlers of all levels.

All SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board packages come complete with all of the necessary accessories and inclusions that you will need to get you out on the water at no additional expense.

While each of the SereneLife iSUPs are considered to be versatile all-rounders, their range comes under three different banners – Free Flow (pictured here), Rising Flow and Thunder Wave. Each of the boards has subtle variations in dimensions, design specifications and external board features which can better suit them to different paddling disciples and water conditions. We focus on this in more detail below.

SereneLife Free Flow Inflatable Paddle Board

Key Features Include:

☑️ Good all-round entry-level beginner friendly board(s) for versatile usage
☑️ All boards are extremely light-weight at only 19.6 lbs (8.9 kgs)
☑️ All-inclusive accessories package
☑️ Composite drop-stitch construction enveloped in military-grade PVC
☑️ Comfortable thermosealed non-slip deck traction padding
☑️ Weight carrying capacity up to 285 lbs (129 kgs)
☑️ Action Mount for GoPro Camera or other accessories (Rising Flow model only)
☑️ Forward 6-point bungee systems for storage of dry bags or other belongings
☑️ Centre board D-rings for mounting optional kayak seat or other accessories
☑️ 3-piece adjustable floating aluminium paddle
☑️ Tri-fin configuration (detachable centre fin) included across the full range
☑️ Nice range of different graphics and colour schemes
☑️ Easily transportable
☑️ 12 month manufacturers warranty

Why Paddle Board

As a recreational activity, paddle boarding offers some tremendous health and fitness benefits ranging from a full body workout engaging many of the core muscles albeit in a low impact way, through to improved balance, improvements in endurance and stamina, injury rehabilitation, weight loss and improving our cardiovascular health. Its an exciting way to unwind and decompress whilst at the same time engaging with nature. As one of the fastest growing water sports globally, if you have access to water then its definitely worth giving it a go.

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Board Construction

Profile View of the SereneLife Free Flow iSUP

Like the vast majority of all inflatable paddle boards on the market these days, each of the SereneLife boards is made using a drop-stitch core. Drop-stitch construction is a process where thousands of polyester threads are woven together to form a dense highly durable core. Used in the marine and aviation industries for many years, it is this process that allows the board to maintain its shape once fully inflated.

Enveloping the inner core are two layers of military-grade PVC laminate and double side walls / rails for additional strength and durability around the boards seems.

Cross-Section of SereneLife iSUP

The outer skin of the board is then further protected by a UV resistant coating for protection against heat and sun damage. While higher end boards will adopt differing construction methods in terms of both materials as well as the design and construction process, SereneLife have put together a very nice entry-level board to which they should be credited for.

The upper deck of each paddle board has a non-slip EVA foam deck traction padding which provides cushioning under foot for greater grip and comfort when paddling over longer distances.

The inflation value located at the very rear of the board locks in both the open and closed position allowing for quick and easy inflation and deflation. Each SUP also contains a 6-point forward bungee system for storage as well as 4 additional D-rings to attach an optional kayak seat or other accessories.

At the centre of the board is a single multi-layered nylon grab carry handle. While the boards are very light and easy to carry, additional carry handles at the front and rear would be a nice simple inclusion when the next generation board is rolled out.

While SereneLife paddle boards are not feature packed, they tick all of the key recreational paddling boxes making them a great first timer SUP.

Performance Suitability

Female doing SUP Yoga on SereneLife Free Flow Inflatable Paddle Board

Specifically designed to meet the needs of the novice and beginner paddler, each board within the SereneLife range is best categorised as an all-round SUP. The governing factor in this regard is the boards specifications and more so the dimensions.

One of the key performance characteristics that those new to paddle boarding should focus on is stability. Without a stable platform under your feet it can be challenging to build both the confidence as well as the necessary paddling fundamentals and technique. You will gain this over time, and while the boards build quality is of obvious importance, its overall size and width in particular is a big contributor to stability.

Simply put, wider boards are more stable than narrower boards. The wider the board the less manoeuvrable or fast it will be though. You’ll note that all SereneLife boards are a standard 32” wide and 6” thick which puts then squarely within the all round category. At 6” thick there is ample buoyancy and float which will help you stay above the waters surface as you paddle. The graphic below for instance is a nice indicator in terms of buoyancy and weight carrying capacity.

Male and Female Paddler Sitting on SereneLife iSUP

In terms of length, the Thunder Wave SUP is 10’ long so marginally shorter than both the Free Flow and Rising Flow boards at 10’6”. While only subtle, the Thunder Wave is a little more nimble in terms of manoeuvrability and turning. The same principle applies to surfboards if you think about longboards cruising along rolling waves as compared to shortboards carving them up. A little dramatic in terms of a comparison but just trying to make a point. Again, we are only talking 6” between the various models here is a minor difference.

The Thunder Wave model also has a marginally more pronounced front rocker (upward turned nose) meaning that the tip of the board will not catch as much water through each paddling stroke. The flatter the nose or more shallow the rocker, the better a board can glide through the water but in choppier waters a more pronounced rocker will help you ride over waves a little better so there is a bit of a trade off. Once again we are only talking marginal differences within the SereneLife range however.

One of the other performance indicators is manoeuvrability which is where the 3 fins or thruster fin configuration as it is known comes in. The large centre fin is there to support straight line paddling or tracking while the two shorter side fins help with turning the board. Each of these boards has the same fin configuration so are comparable in terms of manoeuvrability.

As a broad brush statement, these are well-balanced all-round stand up paddle boards where you will be comfortably able to perform SUP yoga, tackle moderate swell and waves, paddle with the kids or the dog or even clock up a few miles if you are choosing to paddle over longer distances.

Outdoor Master Shark Electric SUP Pump

Accessories Package

All Serene iSUPs come with the full set of accessories needed to get you out on the water.

These include:

SereneLife Thunder Wave iSUP Adjustable Aluminium Paddle

Paddle – as is the case with each of the SereneLife SUP accessories packages, the included SUP paddle is very much an entry-level option so for those that are looking to take to the water on a more regular basis, we would always recommend upgrading to a Carbon Fibre Paddle if you can afford the extra spend.

While the included adjustable aluminium paddle is adequate and suitable for beginners, the benefits you will get out of a carbon fibre paddle in terms of paddling performance, more rigid and fluid strokes and of course its lighter weight, will become quite evident particularly as you start to paddle over longer distances.

Pump – the included single cylinder dual action manual hand pump includes a high pressure gauge and inflation hose. Inflation times will typically take +/- 10 min depending on which SereneLife model SUP you are buying.

While you’ll get yourself a nice pre-paddling workout, for more regular users, we would also recommend investing in an electric pump. If you would like to learn more about some of the key ‘need to know’ electric pump vital signs, take a read of our article on our Top 5 Electric Pump picks. Some great options and all with universal attachments that will suit all inflatables.

SereneLife Manual iSUP Pump

SUP Leash – a dual swivel coiled leash that attaches to either the ankle or calf to ensure that you and your board do not become separated in the event of a spill. Beyond a Personal Flotation Device (PFD), your paddle board leash is the most important safety item so should be worn at all times.

Carry Bag – a durable waterproof backpack carry bag that will comfortably hold the deflated paddle board and all accessories. Paddle Board Deck Bags are another nice accessory worth considering if you plan on spending a little time on the water or to carry accessories or smaller personal items.

Centre Fin – while not an actual accessory, the two smaller side fins (side bites) are permanently attached to all models, while the single centre fin is detachable making for easy storage or to prevent damage while the board is not in use.

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When we first took a look at SereneLife SUPs we had initially parked them in the lower end of town bracket and this was in part given the price point. When you look under the hood so to speak and consider how well these boards have been received by the customers, its clearly evident that they’ve managed to carve out a nice little space in the entry-level market.

There is of course an element of you get what you pay for so while SereneLife are matching the market and offering all-inclusive SUP packages, their boards are still best suited to novice paddlers, teens, families or those still learning to paddle board. With greater experience and exposure to stand up paddle boarding you might well look to upgrade, but target audience considered, these SUPs clearly represent value for money so its tough to go wrong really.

We hope this overview was beneficial and as always would welcome your feedback. Please feel free to leave a comment below and we will get back to you.

Until then, stay safe and get wet.

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