Paddle Boarding Benefits – Top 10

Paddle Boarding Benefits – Top 10

Paddle Boarding can truly open you up to a new lifestyle that is not only enjoyable, but also has some tremendous health and fitness benefits. From cardiovascular benefits through helping prevent heart disease, to lowering your risk of impact injuries, stroke, diabetes or joint problems, paddle boarding is becoming a lifestyle water sport and an increasingly popular way to stay healthy – in mind and in body.

Paddle Boarding Benefits

Here are some great examples as to why SUPs provide some real health benefits – our TOP 10:

Paddle Boarding BenefitsFull Body Workout – paddle boarding brings together many of your muscle groups from the upper body through to your core and lower body. As you draw on the paddle and propel yourself through the water, you need to engage your abdominal and back muscles, arms, shoulders and chest to pull the paddle as well as lower body to help maintain your balance. It’s one of the best sports for an overall body workout that helps increase muscle grow and stamina / endurance at the same time.

Improves Balance – it goes without saying that trying to stand on a floating object must take a degree of skill and balance. Whilst you will definitely be going swimming more than paddling in the early days, the greater the time you spend on your board the greater your balance will become. Having better balance is good for your overall well-being as it will help prevent injuries as well as bettering your skills in your other sporting activities.

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Low Impact – paddling whilst being a great way to exercise, is also a low impact water sport as it does not put excessive pressure on your joints, ligaments or tendons. You get the same cardio workout that burns calories and unlike football, tennis or running, there is little impact on your ankles, knees, hips and back so you will be less prone to injury.

Reduces Stress / Improves Mood – the benefits of attaching yourself to the ocean or our waterways in general is a Stressed Man looking at Laptop

natural way of taking a deep breath and relaxing. The psychological benefits in terms of releasing endorphins (a naturally occurring chemical within the brain that helps reduce pain or act as a stimulant) are well proven via an increase in physical activity. The social aspects and serenity of the water can help lift your mood as well as decreasing feelings of depression.

Improves Endurance and Stamina – as you become more proficient on your board and are able to sustain longer periods paddling, your endurance and stamina will start to increase. You will notice this as it will take longer for you to tire as well as having less muscle fatigue.

Injury Rehabilitation – given its low impact nature, paddle boarding offers a number of benefits in improving your endurance whilst at the same time gently increasing your strength and muscle and joint growth and stability with minimal impact. Water sports are typically a better way to come back from injury as opposed Ladies Doing SUP Yoga

to other more impactful or explosive sports.

Yoga – a new fitness trend whether solo or in small classes, yoga boarding is starting to become a new trendy way of

exercising. Perhaps not for the novice, adding an extra dimension to an already challenging sport is a great way of improving your balance without the need to be confined in a sweaty gym or fitness studio.

Connect with Nature – akin to the benefits of stress relief, being out on the water is calming and provides a great way to experience nature from the water. Getting out in the sun albeit ensuring that you use sun protection is also a good way to take in some extra vitamin D.

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Cardiovascular Health – similar to other aerobic sports (running, swimming, cross-training, aerobics…) paddling and in particular over longer distances will help reduce your risk of strokes and heart diseases.

Male Paddling on SUPWeight Loss – whilst a proper balanced healthy diet will always remain key to maintaining and indeed losing weight, a low impact sport like paddling and in particular over longer distances where you can maintain your heart rate and increase your endurance is an excellent way to complimenting your health and weight loss. Endurance sports including paddling are proven compliments to diet and can contribute as much as 30% towards your weight maintenance and loss goals.

There are obviously a bunch of sports and outdoor activities that provide many proven benefits. Paddle boarding however brings many of these together as well as much more. To relieve stress and improve your overall health and well-being, state of mind, strength and endurance and all on the water. Does it really get any better.

As always we would love to receive your thoughts or any feedback that you may have so please feel free to leave your comments below and we will get back to you.

Stay safe and get wet…..

6 thoughts on “Paddle Boarding Benefits – Top 10”

  1. I’m excited with the cardiovascular benefits that paddle boarding brings. My main goal is weight loss but it won’t do me any harm to see the other good things also taking place in my life once I start this new sport.

    You have encouraged-me and I would like to send you a huge thank you! I’ll share with you updates concerning my experience.

    • Nice one Abel. If its new to you then take your time. I did another article on Paddle Boarding for beginners so perhaps take a read of that one as well. https://standupandpaddleboards

      Its a nice low impact way of engaging all of the muscles with the added benefit of getting out on the water. A lot of benefits so definitely worth the try.

      All the best – Jason.

    • Thanks Monique. You should definitely give it a try. I wont pretend that I’m any good at yoga but doing it on a SUP was a lot of fun and it certainly made it more interesting when I couldn’t hold a pose!!

      All the best – Jason.

  2. Hi Jason. Being in my 60s I’ve not long taken up paddle boarding to reduce the almost inevitable weight creep of age. Improving balance and low impact exercising has been great. I’ve read a few of your related articles as well. Quite helpful and informative so thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Manfred. Never too old as they say. Takes a little more practice to find your feet but I’m glad you’ve managed to do so. Great for the head as well so pleased that you found the article of interest.

      Stay safe – Jason.


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