NIXY Paddle Boards – Newport G3 10’6″ Review

NIXY Paddle Boards – Newport G3 10’6″ Review

Still a young Co. NIXY are quickly positioning themselves as an inflatable board manufacturer of choice. Whilst their range of boards remains limited, their focus on producing a high quality affordable product is certainly not.

Today we will be taking a look at the NIXY Newport G3 10’6″ All Around iSUP Package.

Specifications:Newport G3 Board Package

Length: 10’6″ (320 cm)
Width: 33 inches (84 cm)
Height / Depth: 6 inches (15 cm)
Construction: PVC / Drop-stitch Technology
Weight: 23 pounds (10 kg)
User Weight: up to 350 pounds (159 kg)
Volume: 300 L
Inflation PSI: up to 20 PSI
Paddle: 3 piece adjustable fibreglass
Fin: removable 9-inch centre and 5-inch side fins
Pump: dual chamber high pressure triple action
Leash: coiled 10′ (305 cm) polyurethane with Velcro ankle strap
Warranty: 2 years / 30 day money back guarantee

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Why Paddle Board – as a recreational activity, paddle boarding offers some tremendous health and fitness benefits ranging from a full body workout engaging many of the core muscles albeit in a low impact way through to improved balance, improvements in endurance and stamina, injury rehabilitation, weight loss as well as improving our cardiovascular health. Its an exciting way to unwind and decompress whilst at the same time engaging with nature. As one of the fastest growing water sports globally, if you have access to water then its definitely worth giving it a go.

View of the G3 Tri-finsAbout NIXY – based in Irvine California and established in 2015 by Ale and Nicolas Szczedrin, NIXY are quickly establishing themselves as industry leaders for mid-high end iSUPs. With a passion for travel, it was their desire to bring a series of boards to the market that met the highest of design standards whilst still remaining portable, lightweight and equally important – affordable. Continually looking for ways to improve upon the design process, NIXY appear to be well positioned to take advantage of an exciting and growing inflatable market.

So what’s in the box:

Paddle Boards – Newport G3 10’6″ – constructed out of dual layer advanced fusion laminated Dropstitch technology and coming in an 23 lbs (10.4 kg), the board offers a high level of rigidity and stability when inflated to the recommended 20 PSI. Similar to other comparable boards, the military grade PVC and dropstitch construction enables the board to maintain its shape once inflated. Its NIXY Paddle Boardsdurability ensures that it will not only perform well but will also withstand impacts with rocks and other floating debris as well as if dropped on a hard surface onshore.

The many other features of the board include the non-slip diamond grooved custom traction pad which covers the majority of the boards surface and includes the prominent NIXY logo. Centre as well as front and rear grab handles make for comfortable carrying or general manoeuvrability when not in use. The dual cargo bungee system provides ample storage and with the inflation valve at the front of the board deflation and rolling up is made easy and more hassle free. Rounding out the surface of the board is an impressive 14 D-rings which cater for everything from towing, ankle leash, optional kayak seat as well as attaching other accessories.

All 3 fins are detachable which is somewhat unique for mid-range iSUPs. The 9-inch centre fin is toolless, removable and US compatible as are the twin 5-inch side fins. Rounding out the board are the carbon fibre reinforced side rails which again offer greater durability and stability.

Paddle – the fibreglass 3-piece adjustable paddle measures from 70 to 86 inches (178 to 218 cm) weighing 1 pound (450 g). It offers a comfortable T-grip handle with nylon blade.Newport G3 Accessories Package Upgraded from last years’ aluminium version the paddle inclusive of its blade design make for a far lighter and equally rigid paddling experience.

Typhoon Pump – a dual chamber high-pressure triple action manual foot pump comes standard with the package. It weighs 3 pounds (1.4 kg) and has a maximum inflation rate of 29 PSI as well as a non-in-line action pressure gauge.

For those looking to take to the water on a more regular basis, we would always recommend investing in an electric pump. If you would like to learn more about some of the key ‘need to know’ electric pump vital signs, then our article on our Top 5 Electric Pump picks definitely covers the bases. Some great options and all with universal attachments that will nicely compliment the NIXY range of SUPs.

Leash – hybrid coiled / straight SUP leash specifically designed for paddle boards. 10′ (305 cm) in length, it is made from high quality polyurethane cord with stainless steel dual swivels and a deluxe Velcro ankle strap.

Backpack – one of the better carry bags on the market, the backpack not only contains extra padded straps, it also comes with 3 heavy-duty wheels as well as cargo hooks and side pockets. It contains 3 grab handles and ample bungees and D-rings for attaching other accessories. Dimensions – length: 40 inch (101 cm) – width: 19 inch (48 cm) – thickness 13 inch (33 cm).

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Suitability / Performance:Different views of G3 Board

An affordable and versatile board well suited for beginners and intermediate paddlers. A particularly lightweight iSUP with great weight carrying capabilities for heavier paddlers offering good tracking, durability and stability. The accessories and inclusions complete the board nicely and help increase its versatility above and beyond simply paddling – yoga, stretching, fishing and other.

Given the boards lightweight and tri-fin system, the board is both easy to paddle and manoeuvre through the water. The full length traction padding also aids the paddlers ability to apply weight to the rear of the board when doing sharper turns. The lighter weight fibreglass paddle again aids paddling and endurance over longer distances.

Pros & Cons:

The Plus Side

– well suited for all round touring and general flat water conditions for paddlers of all levels.
– high quality and well positioned accessories and inclusions noting the ample D-rings, full length traction padding, grab handles, front and rear bungee and 3 x toolless detachable fins.
– constructed out of high quality materials allowing for good tracking, stability, rigidity and durability.
– high quality durable carry backpack.
– multiple colour options if desired.
– inclusion of the carbon fibre side reinforcement helping increase rigidity and strength.
– a nice little side bungee paddle holder which will definitely come in handy when stationary.

The Minus Side

– whilst the warranty is industry standard at 2 years, to standout from the pack NIXY could consider increasing it to 3 or perhaps 5 years which would give it a competitive advantage over other boards.
– the pump can prove problematic in terms of meeting desired PSI and gauge readings.

The Verdict

A great quality and versatile board well suited for the family and general flat water paddler. Designed and constructed to the highest of standards with quality inclusions, NIXY are definitely placing themselves as one of the top tier iSUP manufacturers. With ample accessories and nice little unique design features, I’m a fan of the board and would rate it as 4.7 out of 5.


As always we would love to hear from you or get your feedback so please leave any comments below and we will come back to you.

Stay safe and get wet….

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  1. Hi Jason 

    i don’t have experience with paddle boards. probably you have way far than me or others. anyway i enjoyed reading your article and review about this board. 

    sounds like a good option for a family due to the high quality of materials, stability and rigidity. a 2 year warranty is not enough for a product like this 

    thanks for sharing the info with us

    • Some of the higher spec boards offer 5 year warranties but I do take your point. There are boards that cater for singles, doubles and a bunch of people actually so yes, great fun for the family.

      Thanks for your comments (again). Jason. 


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