ISLE Cruiser 10’5” Soft Top SUP Review

ISLE Cruiser 10’5” Soft Top SUP Review

When it comes to your actual board, we all have our preferences. Some prefer the more traditional feel and performance of a rigid epoxy board, while others are totally on board with the transportability and versatility that an inflatable paddle board offers.

An interesting middle ground of sorts albeit still with a rigid epoxy inner core, soft top boards, both surf and paddle, are continuing to gain a greater following. Once perceived as somewhat of a semi-disposable cheap entry-level option only, the materials and built quality of the market leading soft top boards might well surprise you.

One such board is the ISLE Cruiser 10’5” Soft Top paddle board. Built to ISLE’s exacting standards, the Cruiser is a high quality rigid all round paddle board that offers uncompromised paddling performance with a soft comfortable paddling surface that is well suited to beginners and novice paddlers.


Length: 10′5″ (318 cm)
 32″ (81 cm)
Thickness/Depth: 4.5″ (11 cm)
Construction: EPS Foam – Fibreglass Core / Soft Top Skin
Weight: 28.5 lbs (13 kgs)
Capacity: 235 lbs (107 kgs)
Volume: 175 litres
D-rings: 6 (forms part of forward bungee system)
Paddle: 2-Piece Adjustable Carbon Hybrid
Fin: Detachable Nylon Touring Centre Box Fin
Leash: 8’ Dual Swivel Coiled Ankle  
Warranty: 12 Months

ISLE Cruiser Soft Top Paddle Board

Why Paddle Board

As a recreational activity, paddle boarding offers some tremendous health and fitness benefits ranging from a full body workout engaging many of the core muscles albeit in a low impact way, through to improved balance, improvements in endurance and stamina, injury rehabilitation, weight loss and improving our cardiovascular health. It’s an exciting way to unwind and decompress whilst at the same time engaging with nature. As one of the fastest growing water sports globally, if you have access to water then its definitely worth giving it a go.

About ISLE

Based in San Diego California and established in 2004 by founders Marc Miller & Doug Pate, ISLE are a well reputed paddle board manufacturer that produces high quality epoxy and inflatable boards and accessories. With an international distribution network and strong online presence, the ISLE range of all-round recreational and multi-disciple boards cater for paddlers of all skill levels. Till this day, ISLE remain true to their ethos of developing purpose designed high-quality, value-driven products with a view to introducing paddle boarding to as many people as possible.

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The Board

Profile View of the ISLE Cruiser Soft Top Paddle Board

Following the same foundations of their traditional epoxy SUPs, at the core of the Cruiser is a dense closed cell EPS foam and double wooden stringer which is enveloped in layers of fibreglass to create extra strength and a stiff and rigid paddling platform. This core is then covered in a comfortable layer of textured croc skin to create a soft slip free surface which helps reduce paddling fatigue. This construction method makes the Cruiser rigid like an epoxy SUP as well as offering comfort and durability similar to an inflatable.

Unlike epoxy paddle boards which are prone to chips and cracks, somewhat similar to iSUPs, soft top boards help prevent dings, dents, dog claw scratches or the typical wear and tear that you would expect during regular use. The in-built GORTEX vent also allows heat to escape during hotter days which helps regulate temperature at the core of the board to help preserve its structural integrity and durability.

External Board Features

External Paddle Board Features of the ISLE Cruise 10’6” SUP

Simplistic in design and available in three fresh colours, blue, coral and green, the 10’5” Cruiser has clean lines with a minimalistic feel. Aesthetically, the external board features include:

SUP Handle – the comfortable patented lift SUP pop-up handle neatly tucks away flush with the boards surface making for a clean paddling surface. When locked in the extended position, it also doubles as a locking device to attach a bungee cord or tie down straps when in transit.

GORTEX Vent Plug – a somewhat standard inclusion in quality soft tops, the maintenance free 2-way valve which is built into the boards core, allows air to escape during rapid temperature changes reducing the chances of delamination or wrinkles in the boards skin.

Leash Plug – above and beyond your Personal Flotation Device (PFD), your Paddle Board Leash is the most important safety item and should be worn at all times. The included 8’ coiled SUP leash securely attaches to the in-built plug point at the very tail of the board ensuring that you and your board do not become separated.

Outer Skin – made from polyethylene and covering the full upper deck, the croc skin styled textured deck traction pad provides a soft and comfortable underfoot paddling surface enabling greater stability and comfort while reducing fatigue over longer paddling distances.

Bungee System – attaching to the 6 D-rings at the front of the board, the generously sized bungee cargo area provides ample room to carry your Deck Bag, water bottle and other accessories or personal items.


ISLE Cruiser SUP Accessories

? a durable single centre detachable tool-less nylon touring fin which easily slides into the fin box and nicely aids straight line tracking and board manoeuvrability

? an 8’ coiled SUP leash which helps reduce drag through the water that comfortably attaches to the paddlers ankle by the multi-layered neoprene cuff

? a light-weight fully adjustable carbon hybrid SUP paddle for quality paddling performance

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Performance / Suitability

The Cruiser is a classic all round paddle board that offers a well-balanced ride for recreational paddling in flat waters as well as mild surf or choppy water conditions. As an all-rounder, and with a solid weight carrying capacity, the Cruiser is a versatile paddle board that can be used for SUP yoga and fishing or if paddling with your dog or bulkier accessories.

At its centre, the epoxy core creates a stiff rigid and stable surface that when coupled with the long centre fin, enables the board to track well and maintain a straight line course. Paddling performance is enhanced yet again given that the Cruiser comes with a quality carbon fibre hybrid paddle which enables greater paddling efficiency and output.

Like other non-inflatable boards, the tapered rails help the paddler make transitions and more easily manoeuvre the board, while the high-density slick deck bottom provides greater glide across the waters surface. The rounded nose of the board enables a greater level of stability if weight is transitioned forward while the squashed tail gives the paddler a nice platform to step back and perform more acute turns and manoeuvres.

Paddler on ISLE 10’5” Cruiser SUP

Suitable for paddlers of all levels, at 32” wide, the Cruiser is beginner friendly meaning that with time, newbie paddlers will be able to comfortably build on their paddling technique. While rigid paddle boards typically offer less buoyancy when compared to inflatables, the Cruiser still has ample volume ensuring that average sized adult paddlers will be able to comfortably glide across the waters surface with ease.

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Soft Top paddle boards aren’t for everyone of course but if space is not an issue and you’re looking for the rigidity and performance oriented features that a traditional epoxy SUP has to offer, the ISLE Cruiser 10’5” Soft Top is definitely a great option and well worth putting on your short list.

We hope you found this review useful and as always would love to start a conversation. Please feel free to leave your comments below and we will get back to you.

Until then, stay safe and get wet.

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