iROCKER All Around 10′ iSUP Review

iROCKER All Around 10′ iSUP Review

While a pandemic does not bring with it too many positive side effects, the water sports industry continues to see an upswing in activity given the cancellation of or limitations put in place for many team and spectator sports as well as restrictions and access to gymnasiums. Fortunately, Stand Up Paddle Boarding continues to steal its piece of the water sports pie with more and more people taking to the water for the first time.

More demand equates to more supply so if you’re reading this review hopefully you’ll walk away with some useful insight into the new iROCKER All Around 10′ iSUP.


Length: 10′ (305 cm)
Width: 32″ (81 cm)
Thickness/Depth: 6″ (15 cm)
Construction: Drop-stitch Core / Triple-Layer PVC
Weight: 24 lbs (10.9 kg)
User Weight: 370 lbs (168 kg)
Volume: 221 litres
Inflation PSI: 15 psi
D-rings: 20 + 4 Action Mounts
Paddle: 3-Piece Carbon Blend / Nylon Blade
Fin: Tri-Fin (3 x Flip Lock Detachable)
Pump: Dual Chamber Triple Action
Leash: 10′ Coiled Ankle + Key Pocket
Warranty: 24 Months

iROCKER All Round 10’ iSUP Package

Why Paddle Board

As a recreational activity, paddle boarding offers some tremendous health and fitness benefits ranging from a full body workout engaging many of the core muscles albeit in a low impact way through to improved balance, improvements in endurance and stamina, injury rehabilitation, weight loss and improving our cardiovascular health. Its an exciting way to unwind and decompress whilst at the same time engaging with nature. As one of the fastest growing water sports globally, if you have access to water then its definitely worth giving it a go.


Based in Florida and founded in 2013 by Steve Elder and David Erwin, iROCKER are an inflatable paddle board and accessories manufacturer who have nicely positioned themselves in a growing and crowded water sports market.

The initially introduced iROCKER branded board has 3 models that cater for sports, all-round and cruise paddling. The BLACKFIN premium offering steps it up further again with fully loaded boards that feature high end external features and accessories. The latest addition to the range is the NAUTICAL which they have well positioned to take advantage of the ever growing beginners market. A clean lined well-built board albeit with a more affordable price point. iROCKER are a well reputed quality SUP manufacturer that has a little of something for paddlers of all levels.

The Board

iROCKER 10’ All Rounder iSUP Top Deck View

Holding its place very nicely in an ever growing all-round paddling space, the iROCKER 10′ iSUP offers a nice balance between performance and versatility. Its design and specifications fit very much within the all-round category and suit the less experienced to intermediate paddlers who will predominantly be focusing on recreational flat water paddling.

Profile View of the iROCKER 10’ All Round iSUP

Construction – all of the iROCKER branded iSUPs are now constructed using a lightweight triple-layer PVC composite material making them lighter than previous models without any compromise on durability and rigidity.

At the core of the board is a dense drop-stitch which is a method of construction that uses thousands of polyester threads connected to the outer layers of fabric which enables the board to maintain its shape once inflated. Overlaying the core are the layers of composite PVC material. PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is a synthetic thermoplastic material that has been used for many years and has a whole host of different applications across many industries.

The combination of a highly dense core coupled with layers of military-grade PVC make the boards particularly rigid and durable so they can withstand impacts with rocks and other floating debris or if accidentally dropped. Most quality boards use their own variation of drop-stitch and PVC construction methods although with 3 layers of highly durable ‘skin’ enveloping iROCKER boards, their 10′ iSUP is a front runner within the inflatable board market.

Performance / Suitability

The term ‘all-round’ as a reference to inflatable paddle boards is widely used and is heavily influenced by the boards dimensions. The iRocker All Around 10′ iSUP follows this theme key to it being 32″ wide and 6″ thick. It is these two dimensions that influence the boards rigidity, stability and buoyancy. The length also comes into play with all-round SUPs typically fitting within a 9’6″ to 12′ range which further impacts the boards characteristics and performance. Within these ranges though, once you find your feet and gain a level of comfort on the water, tackling flat waters, light swell and small waves will be a breeze.

Female Paddler on iROCKER 10’ All Round iSUP

While epoxy (hard / fibreglass) boards will typically track and glide better through the water owing to their sleeker and lower profile, iROCKER’s boards have a mild front rocker (upward curved nose) which helps keep the nose out of the water. When coupled with a narrow design and large durable centre fin, the board holds its course nicely for straight line paddling. While inflatable boards are not as fast as hard boards, the loss of speed on high quality inflatables is negligible and presents as no concern for beginner to intermediate paddlers.

With a rider capacity of up to 370 lbs, the board is very rigid and can comfortably accommodate most adults without compromising stability. 32″ boards are typical of all-rounders and cater well for general recreational paddling, SUP yoga, fishing or simply taking in the sun. Stability and feeling comfortable on your feet is normally the first consideration for less experienced paddlers. iROCKER boards are constructed to a very high standard and at 6″ thick, offer a lot of volume and buoyancy which helps the board ride above the water line which again helps instill confidence when out on the water.

The other key performance metric is how the board manoeuvres through the water. Shorter boards are typically more agile and responsive so at 10′ in length the iROCKER stacks up well and moves comfortably through turns. The tri-fin configuration also aids the boards ability to bite into the water when doing step back turns for instance. When paired with a quality paddle as is the case with the accessories package, this is a really enjoyable board and great fun to get out there on.

External Board Features

Enhanced yet again, the board is feature packed making it one of the most versatile all-rounders on the market.

Features include:

iROCKER All Round 10’ iSUP Top Deck Features

D-ringswith no less than 20 well spaced stainless steel D-rings the board offers almost limitless options for accessorising. Whether it’s including the iROCKER kayak conversion kit, waterproof speaks, rod holders or deck bags, this board will certainly not leave you wanting for space.

Multi-use Action Mountsa number of quality board manufacturers these days are now including a single forward action mount but with the inclusion of 4 separate mounts, iROCKER has gone a step further again. Used for attaching speakers, fishing rod holders, cameras and other accessories, the two forward mounts form part of the front bungee cargo area with the rear mounts located two-thirds of the way down the board. The rear mounts may well interfere with the paddlers feet so would be best used for fishing when the board is stationary.

Traction Pad the iRocker embossed EVA deck pad now covers two-thirds of the boards surface offering great comfort and stability under foot which is most welcome for longer paddling or if doing yoga. It is now also separated into 3 individual sections which in my opinion is visually more attractive and works well with the upgraded design and colour schemes.

Bungee System the 6-point forward bungee cargo area is more compact when compared to the 2019 model although still offers generous room and is more than sufficient for storage of dry bags and other accessories. The two passenger / child safety handles and forward action mounts are also included within the bungee area.

Grab Handles the 3 carry handles are located at the front, centre and rear of the board. The centre handle is covered in durable neoprene for added grip and comfort. The front and rear handles enable the board to be easily carried by 2 people as well as acting as towing points or to include an optional SUP anchor perhaps when fishing or doing yoga.

Fins most quality all-round boards now come with a standard tri-fin configuration (large centre with 2 small side-bites). All 3 fins are detachable and operate via a quick toolless flip-lock system which allows different configurations for different paddling styles and conditions. iROCKER fins are also now all white which breaks away from the black fins that many other manufacturers opt for.

Inflation Valve neatly tucked away to the rear is the boards all important inflation valve.


iROCKER offer all-inclusive accessories packages with their entire range on paddle boards albeit there are subtle differences within the ranges. The iROCKER branded package has seen some quality upgrades this year making it better value yet again.

iROCKER iSUP Accessories Package

◽️Pump: the dual-chamber triple-action hand pump is one of the better manual iSUP pumps on the market. Complete with an integrated high pressure gauge and inflation hose, the board can be inflated with a nice 6-8 minute pre-paddling workout.

For paddlers that are looking to take to the water on a more regular basis and don’t mind spending a few extra $, then we would always recommend investing in a portable electric pump. Well worth the spend and more often than not can be compatible with other inflatables. iROCKER have their own electric pump which is well worth considering, but for a more detailed look at what’s available on the market, our Top 5 Electric Pump Picks covers the top rated pumps as well as a run down on what to look for in a quality product.

◽️Leash: a 10′ coiled ankle leash. The multi-layered neoprene cuff provides greater comfort and security ensuring that you and your board do not become separated. The dual swivels ensure that the leash does not become tangled around your ankle whilst the coil assists in keeping it out of the water thus reducing drag. The leash also contains a small hidden Velcro key pocket as is becoming quite popular these days.

◽️Paddle: an upgrade on the previous fibreglass paddle, the board comes with a carbon blended shaft and nylon blade. Both the shaft and blade are considerably lighter making for easier and less strenuous paddling particularly over longer distances. The carbon shaft is also stronger and stiffer relative to aluminium and fibreglass shafts enabling more efficient strokes. Fully adjustable, the paddle can be altered to suit paddlers of all sizes.

◽️Backpack: yet another upgrade on prior years, the backpack is made from durable material and can comfortably fit the deflated board and accessories. The large centre compartment opens via a full perimeter u-shape zip and includes two internal ties to secure the board. The well padded shoulder and waist straps are fully adjustable enabling it to be securely and comfortably carried over longer distances.

Externally the bag has an I.D window and top grab handle as well as ample additional storage compartments including two mesh side pockets for water bottles plus a further two front and two small side zipper pouches for accessories or personal belongings. The front and side adjustment straps help secure the accessories while the 6-point adjustable bungee cargo area is great for bulkier or wet items. Best of all, the current generation bag now includes heavy duty wheels ideal for carrying on flat surfaces or on a flight.

◽️Repair Kit: similar to most iSUP packages, comes complete with colour coded patches and a wrench tool to tighten the boards inflation value in the event it becomes loose (glue sold separately).

Optional Accessories

iROCKER have a number of high quality accessories that can be mixed and matched across their range of boards or as general additions to compliment your paddling experience. Some of these include:

▪️SUP Kayak Conversion Kit
▪️Cooler Drinks Holder
▪️ONYX M16 Inflatable Belt Pack (PFD)
▪️Electric Pump
▪️Portable SUP Anchor
▪️Fishing Rod Holder
▪️Cooler and Deck Bags

iSUP Kayak Conversion Kit

The Verdict

✔️ High quality triple layer PVC / military grade drop-stitch core construction
✔️ Beginner friendly board offering great stability and comfort
✔️ Suits shorter / lighter paddlers at 10′ in length
✔️ Inclusion of passenger side safety handles
✔️ 4 multi-use action mounts
✔️ 20 well spaced D-rings
✔️ Available in 3 colour schemes
✔️ Adjustable ultralight carbon shaft paddle
✔️ Comfortable EVA deck pad and logo design
✔️ Good weight carrying capacity to 370 lbs
✔️ 2 times 6-point bungee systems for greater storage
✔️ Redesigned travel roller backpack
✔️ Forward, centre and rear grab handles
✔️ Dual chamber triple action high pressure valve pump
✔️ All 3 fins are flip-lock detachable
✔️ Upgraded all-inclusive quality accessories package
✔️ 24 month manufacturers warranty

▪️For an iSUP within this pricing bracket – you won’t be left wanting

iROCKER’s 10′ iSUP is a feature packed board offering quality performance for paddlers of all levels. Particularly friendly for beginners as well as smaller paddlers owing to its shorter length, the board manoeuvres and tracks well whilst remaining rock solid owing to its construction and weight carrying capabilities. Its well padded and stable paddling platform it great for SUPing with your kids or the dog as well as offering the versatility for SUP yoga or fishing. Best suited for flat water recreational or small surf paddling, the board can be fully accessorised with no less than 20 well spaced D-rings and an impressive 4 action mounts.

Representing genuine value for money and as one of the best-selling all-round iSUPs, iROCKER have positioned this board very nicely in a growing recreational paddling market. Definitely worthy of consideration.

As always we hope you found this review helpful and would love to hear from you. Please feel free to leave your comments below and we will get back to you.

Until then, stay safe and get wet.

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  1. Hey,

    This is such an informative review. Looking at this iRocker and your other product reviews, I have a good problem of deciding which products to buy for Christmas. This isn’t the best time of year in the UK for paddle boarding, but it is the best time to buy them and have them ready for when the weather starts to improve.

    I will keep you informed of what boards we buy and how we are getting on with them. If we have any questions then I will get in touch with you, if that is OK with you?

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

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    • Hey Tom,

      A good problem to have as you point out. If you’ve SUPed in the past then hopefully you have a feel for what size and type of board suits you. A lot of info out there these days but if you try and hone in on the type of paddling you are looking to do as well as your size then you should be able to start narrowing down a few selections. Most of the reviews on this site focus on mid-priced albeit quality all-round inflatable boards so if thats your sweet spot hopefully to can start to narrow down your search.

      Happy to chat any time though so don’t be shy.

      All the best – Jason.

  2. Pretty Nice! As someone that dabbles in a few water sports, including paddle boarding I am always looking to upgrade my kit. The iRocker package looks pretty good. I know of them but haven’t tried their boards out. One for the list as you say. I was a little disappointed that when clicking through to check the availability, all three choices were shown as currently unavailable. Maybe that’s because I’m in the UK?


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