Chasing Blue Synergy 10’6” Yoga iSUP Review

Chasing Blue Synergy 10’6” Yoga iSUP Review

The take up rate of SUP Yoga has seen a significant increase of recent times as more people come to understand the benefits and versatility of what stand up paddle boarding has to offer.

As is the case with the Chasing Blue Synergy 10’6” Yoga iSUP, these boards are purpose built primarily for yoga enthusiasts while at the same time offering the same features and performance characteristics as a typical all round inflatable SUP.

In this review we take a closer look at what the Chasing Blue Synergy 10’6” iSUP has to offer.


Length: 10’6” (320 cm)
Width: 35” (89 cm)
Thickness / Depth: 6” (15 cm)
Weight: 22 lbs (10 kgs)
Capacity: 320 lbs (145 kgs)
Construction: Drop-stitch / SCW Technology
Inflation PSI: Recommended 13-15 psi
D-rings: 12 (including bungee system)
Paddle: 3-Piece Carbon Shaft Adjustable SUP Paddle
Fin: Tri-fin (detachable centre)
Pump: Single Chamber Dual-Action Manual Pump
Leash: Dual-Swivel Coiled SUP Leash
Warranty: 24 Months Manufacturers Warranty

Chasing Blue Synergy 10’6” Yoga iSUP

Why Paddle Board

As a recreational activity, paddle boarding offers some tremendous health and fitness benefits ranging from a full body workout engaging many of the core muscles albeit in a low impact way through to improved balance, improvements in endurance and stamina, injury rehabilitation, weight loss and improving our cardiovascular health. Its an exciting way to unwind and decompress whilst at the same time engaging with nature. As one of the fastest growing water sports globally, if you have access to water then its definitely worth giving it a go.

About OutdoorMaster (Chasing Blue)

Established in 2015 and based in Duarte, California, OutdoorMaster is an outdoor sports manufacturer that produces quality and affordable products with a predominant focus on water-sports, skating and skiing as well as related apparel and accessories. They pride themselves on delivering a product that is based on solid quality, technological innovation and nature-oriented designs.

Under the branding Chasing Blue, their inflatable paddle board range focuses on all round board and accessories packages. The Pro Series range which utilises SCW (Superlight Coalitional-Woven) Technology for enhanced quality and durability, includes SUPs that cater specifically for general recreational paddling, longer distance touring, SUP yoga as well as all-round beginner friendly models. They also offer a more standard core range which uses a lower level of construction technology that better caters to the budget conscious buyer.

With a focus on delivering consumers quality products at a reasonable price, OutdoorMaster have opted to stay away from the conventional bricks and mortar stores and use the DTC (Direct-To-Consumer) online sales model only.

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At a Glance


☑️ Durable SCW Technology construction
☑️ Versatile all round paddling
☑️ Light-weight at only 22 lbs
☑️ Significant weight carrying capacity
☑️ Greater width for increased stability
☑️ Adjustable carbon shaft paddle
☑️ 4 grab handles
☑️ Full deck traction padding for Yoga
☑️ Action Mounts for GoPro etc.
☑️ Tri-fin set-up for better manoeuvrability
☑️ Ample D-rings for accessories
☑️ 24 month manufacturers warranty


▪️A more neutral colour would be advantageous
▪️No side paddle strap / holder
▪️Bungee cargo area is small

Chasing Blue Synergy 10’6” Yoga iSUP Performance Score

The Board

As would be expected with a board that has been designed with SUP Yoga in mind, the Chasing Blue Synergy has a very clean and simplistic top deck feel making it very user-friendly for stationary board exercises. It only comes in the one colour scheme mind you which perhaps caters more to a female audience although don’t be shy fellas; floating yoga is still yoga.

Top Deck View of the Chasing Blue Synergy Yoga iSUP

Construction – all of the Chasing Blue upper range iSUPs are made with a dense drop-stitch core which uses thousands of polyester threads that are woven together to form the boards inner core. Drop-stitch technology has been used for many years in the maritime and aviation industries and it is this method of construction that enables inflatables to maintain their shape once inflated to a high pressure.

Using their SCW (Superlight Coalitional-Woven) Technology, the drop-stitch core is then surrounded in a further layer of woven mesh fabric to help the core maintain its integrity.

Enveloping the core are two layers of pre-laminated PVC material specifically manufactured for maximum air-tightness which creates an even lighter and more durable board with superior strong wear-resistance and anti-deformation.

It is this process that keeps the boards weight down which culminates in an all round iSUP that will not only perform well on the water, but also offer the rigidity and durability that you would expect to find in a quality Inflatable.


External Board Features

The Chasing Blue Synergy is one of the more minimalistic boards on the market from a features perspective. Perfectly fine of course as a busy top deck is not what this iSUPs about.

Mother and Daughter doing SUP Yoga on the Chasing Blue Synergy iSUP

✔️ Deck Padding – the non-slip crocodile-diamond EVA foam deck traction padding extends from nose to tail and covers the entire decks surface area. The padding provides greater traction and stability while paddling as well as a durable and comfortable surface for exercising while stationary.

✔️ Carry Handles – ideally suited for yoga to create uninterrupted deck space, the 4 carry / grab handles are located around the perimeter of the board. The nose and tail handles can be used to carry the board, as a SUP anchor point or to connect to other boards while the side handles help enhance safety and yoga movement / comfort.

✔️ Bungee System – the adjustable 4-point forward bungee area is on the smaller side but still has sufficient room to store a small dry bag, water bottle, towel or other accessories.

✔️ D-rings – there are 12 multi-function stainless steel, almost disguised D-rings on the board in total. Linking the D-rings with the handles is an approach that Chasing Blue take which again creates a cleaner surface area while still providing an ability to accessorise the board as desired.

✔️ Inflation Valve – spring controlled for higher safety performance to easily control inflation with a one push automatic deflation system. The high pressure valve has been ungraded with an automatic air release mechanism once the board reaches 15 psi so you can not over inflate the board.

✔️ Fins – the Synergy has a tri-fin configuration with the two smaller side fins (side-bites) permanently attached. The large 9” touring SUP fin quickly attaches with the included locking pin.

Performance / Suitability

Design and dimensions considered, the Chasing Blue Synergy is very much an all round iSUP and as such offers versatility above and beyond SUP Yoga. It’s on the upper side for an entry-level board and is supported by a 24 month manufacturers warranty and with very strong customer feedback. We have rated the Synergy as a 4.5 out of 5 which is a little tougher than the customers 4.9, although we drill down further and take away the excitement and emotion that you get when you’re the one parting with the dollars.

Profile View of the Chasing Blue Synergy Yoga iSUP

▪️Stability – at an oversized 35” wide and with a very rigid structure (note little to no centre board flex in the above graphic), the Chasing Blue Synergy is a very stable board for beginners who are still honing their paddling skills, as well as yoga and other stationary board exercises. The board is a somewhat standard iSUP 6” thick so rides nicely above the waters surface, and has a significant rider weight carrying capacity so will not present challenges for heavier paddlers. It also has side grab handles to aid exercising again enhancing stability when crouching or in lower positions.

▪️Speed / Tracking – all round SUPs are designed for versatility so don’t expect this to be a blisteringly fast board. This said, it is very rigid so offers the stiffness to allow you to dig into your stroke and build up momentum. The Synergy also has a very flat bottom deck to aid glide and a mild front rocker (upward turned nose) which helps mitigate it catching water as you paddle. The large centre fin helps the board track well so holding a straight line course or desired direction is also not particularly challenging.

▪️Manoeuvrability – although the Synergy is a little wider than a typical iSUP at 35”, it has a reasonably tapped nose and marginally squared off tail. This aids your ability to change course quickly making it more agile than we would typically expect to find in a Yoga iSUP. The deck surface is clean and there is ample room to traverse weight to your rear foot to perform step-back turns meaning that once you gain a level of paddling proficiency, it is quite responsive. The Synergy is also quite light at 22 lbs and has a standard thruster fin (tri-fin) set-up which again supports manoeuvrability and overall paddling responsiveness.

Accessories Package

The entire range of Chasing Blue inflatable stand up paddle boards comes with a complete all-inclusive accessories package to get you out on the water at no additional expense.

Chasing Blue iSUP Accessories Package

◽️Paddle – the 3-piece fully adjustable paddle has a light-weight carbon shaft which can be adjusted from 72” to 86” making it suitable for paddlers of all heights. Weighing only 28 oz, the paddle has a comfortable T-grip and durable nylon blade. Carbon shaft paddles are far lighter than their cheaper aluminium counterparts making paddling over longer distances less fatiguing and more energy efficient.

◽️Pump – the dual-action single chamber manual hand pump has an integrated high pressure gauge and inflation hose. The board takes approx. 8-10 minutes to fully inflate to the recommended 13-15 psi although does make for a bit of a pre-paddling workout.

For those that are looking to take to the water on a more regular basis and don’t mind spending a few extra dollars, we would always recommend investing in a portable electric pump. Our article on Top 5 Electric Pump Picks covers off some useful tips on what to look for as well as providing recommendations on the better rated pumps on the market.

Outdoor Master Shark Electric SUP Pump

◽️Leash – a standard SUP leash to ensure that you and your board do not become separated in the event of a fall in the water. The leash has a multi-layered neoprene cuff that securely and comfortably attaches to the ankle (or calf); a coiled cord to help reduce drag in the water as well as dual-swivels to prevent tangling.

◽️Backpack – this is actually a pretty decent quality backpack which can be a challenge on its own when you see what’s out there. Large enough to fit both the deflated iSUP and all accessory items, the backpack opens through a single front u-shaped zip with quick and easy access to the centre compartment. The inner lining is also heat insulted to help maintain the temperature and not damage the board or accessories.

Features include adjustable shoulder, side and waist straps; durable hard plastic bottom; I.D window; top, side and rear carry handles as well as integrated wheels making it extremely easy to roll over flat surfaces or for when you are traveling on a flight.

◽️Action Mounts – the 3 separate action mounts can be glued to the upper board deck wherever you prefer making it easy to attach your GoPro camera, cell phone, fishing rod holder or other accessories.

◽️Cell Phone Case – includes carry strap with a waterproof clasp for extra piece of mind.

◽️Repair Kit – a standard SUP repair kit which includes a wrench tool in case the valve loosens as well as colour coded patches and glue in the unlikely event you get a tear.

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We hope you found the above review beneficial and as always would welcome your thoughts. Please feel free to leave a comment or query below and we will get back to you.

Until then, stay safe and get wet.

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