Aztron URONO 11′6″ Inflatable SUP – a Genuine Product Review

Aztron URONO 11′6″ Inflatable SUP – a Genuine Product Review

For those that are newer to stand up paddle boarding and are looking to make the investment, striking a balance between price and quality can be a genuine challenge. In an earlier article How Much Do Paddle Boards Cost, we break down the different type of boards as well as what you can expect within the different price bands.

As a rule of thumb, cheaper broads are normally priced between $400 – $600 given their build quality and overall performance. There are however exceptions to the rule and there are deals to be found which is why we have decided to take a look at the Aztron URONO 11′6″ iSUP. Unique in its construction, offering quality touring and recreational paddling, this is a nice entry level board and well worth taking a more detailed look at.

Aztron URONO 11′6″ iSUP Package
Length: 11′6″ (350 cm)
Width: 32″ (81 cm)
Thickness/Depth: 6″ (15 cm)
Construction: Double Layer Fusion Technology
Volume: 306 litres
Weight: 27.5 lbs (12.5 kg)
Inflation PSI: 15 psi
User Weight: 330 lbs (150 kg)
Paddle: 3-Piece Adjustable Aluminium
Fin: Detachable 9″ Reinforced Nylon Centre Fin
D-rings: 5 + Underside Towing Ring
Pump: Single Chamber Dual Action
Leash: Dual Swivel Coiled Ankle
Warranty: 12 months

Why Paddle Board

As a recreational activity, paddle boarding offers some tremendous health and fitness benefits ranging from a full body workout engaging many of the core muscles albeit in a low impact way through to improved balance, improvements in endurance and stamina, injury rehabilitation, weight loss and improving our cardiovascular health. Its an exciting way to unwind and decompress whilst at the same time engaging with nature. As one of the fastest growing water sports globally, if you have access to water then its definitely worth giving it a go.

About Aztron

Foundered in 2017 by Tony Yeung and his wife Fiona Wang, Aztron Sports are predominantly a watersports manufacturer with products that include a range of inflatable and composite paddle boards, surf boards, foils and skateboards as well as watersports accessories and apparel.

Aztron’s mission is to offer the safest watersports products in the world which in part is why they are best known for their double chamber inflatable board technology. Using the tag line ‘Ride Intelligently’, Aztron remain focused on innovation and creativity as they continue to build out their range.

The Board

The 11′6″ URONO is a well constructed touring paddle board that offers a nice balance between stability and performance. The graphics and colour scheme are really eye-catching and based on its general design and length, we were really surprised at how well the board tracks and motors along in the water. Its particularly rigid and stable so in terms of an entry level board, its definitely worth the dollars.

Close Up of the Aztron URONO iSUPConstruction

While Aztron are still a relatively new manufacturer, they are undoubtedly best known for their dual chamber construction methods or as they term it, their DOUBLE DOUBLE Technology (Double Chamber with Double Layer Fusion).

Aztron URONO iSUP Construction Graphic
1. 5mm thick diamond grooved traction pad
2. Double fusion layer connects both the top and underside pre-laminated woven cloths
3. Air tight coating layer connects the double fusion composite and base cloth
4. Dense drop-stitch core
5. Air tight heat pressed high pressure laminated inner rail band creating waterproof seal
6. Second outer rail band for extra compression and stiffness

At the core of the URONO, is a dense drop-stitch which uses thousands of polyester threads that are connected to outer layers of fabric. Surrounding the drop-stitch core is an air tight coating layer which is then connected to the top and bottom second PVC fusion layers. Double Layer Fusion Technology creates a more durable board that is up to 25% lighter than traditional double layer boards.

This method also uses less glue and is in turn more environmentally friendly. Multi-layer drop-stitch boards are able to withstand considerable pressure which is what enables them to maintain their shape once inflated. This method of construction makes the URONO particularly rigid and durable so it can withstand impacts with rocks and other floating debris or if accidentally dropped.

The second ‘DOUBLE’ on the URONO refers to the fact that the board is made up of two independent chambers both of which employ the same construction method.

While their range of boards utilises different chamber ratios, the URONO works of a 50:50 basis meaning that each chamber accounts for 50% of the air or buoyancy which acts as a safeguard in the event one of the chambers is punctured. The inner chamber is centrally placed in the standing area which makes the board even more rigid overcoming any potential soft or bouncy feeling that less rigid boards might face. Near on all other iSUPs have a single chamber only so in terms of safety, kudos to Aztron for this innovative design.

Capping off the outer surface are the inner and outer rail bands which create the waterproof seal as well as providing additional compression and stiffness.


Designed primarily as a touring SUP, the URONO can comfortably move through the water and get up some decent speed quite quickly. Longer boards are typically faster than shorter boards so coupled with a pronounced front rocker (upward curved nose), at 11′6″ the URONO cuts through the water nicely with minimal drag. The large 9″ centre fin also aids straight line paddling which again benefits the boards ability to track through the after.

Similar to many other iSUPs, at 32″ wide, the board offers a nice stable paddling surface so its quite easy to find your feet and maintain balance. The technology employed within the boards construction including its dual chambers, also makes the board very rigid which again creates a stiffer platform.

When fully inflated, the board is a full 6″ thick enabling it to ride nicely above the waterline providing ample buoyancy even for heavier paddlers. Stability and buoyancy are really important for those new to paddle boarding as it helps instill a sense of security which in turn helps with confidence.Profile View of the Aztron URONO iSUP

The other key performance consideration is how the board manoeuvres through the water. This is typically where the fins come in to play. While the large centre fin primarily dictates tracking, boards that include additional side fins are normally more nimble and can be easier to manoeuvre. For a board within this price range though it is not uncommon to have a single centre fin only.

A nice feature that helps overcome this challenge on the URONO is the inclusion of the tail kick pad. The pad is really comfy and quite deep so with practice you’ll be able to complete step-back turns as well as using the pad for extra grip and stability in choppy waters. The front rocker also keeps the nose out of the water which again reduces drag and assists when completing turns.

External Board Features

In terms of features, the URONO covers the bases although it is one of the cleaner and more simplistic SUPs on the market.

Deck Pad – the deck traction pad covers a little over half of the boards surface and is made from a 5mm thick EVA foam. Soft and comfortable under foot, the padding is diamond grooved which provides for greater traction and comfort which is particularly important when paddling over longer distances.

Bungee Cargo System – minimalistic in size, the 4-point forward bungee straps provide ample room for the stowage of your dry bag, water bottle and other accessories.

External Board Features - Aztron URONO 11’6” iSUPGrab Handle – the single centre grab handle is wrapped in a comfortable neoprene and embossed with a rubber Aztron logo. Whilst not the lightest board on the market, at 27.5 lbs, it can comfortably be carried by a single paddler.

Tail Kick Pad – this is a really nice feature which is not normally found on boards within this price range. At 1.4 inches in height, the kick pad helps the rider find the end of the board and acts as an aid for added grip and balance whilst manoeuvring and making sharper turns.

D-rings – the 4 stainless steel D-rings form part of the front bungee system and can be used for accessorising the board. At minimal cost, Aztron could comfortably add additional rings which is something we hope they address on next years model. The board also has an underside towing D-ring located under the front rocker.

Inflation Valve – unlike the majority of iSUPs where the inflation valve sits at the rear of the board, owing to its double chamber construction, the URONO has two separate Halkey-Roberts inflation valves at the front of the traction pad. This is necessary as each chamber is independent of the other and hence requires separate inflation.

Detachable Centre Fin – a single 9″ fin sits at the rear of the boards underside. Slightly larger than the more common 8″ fins we see on many other SUPs, the fin is made from a durable reinforced nylon material which easily slides into the U.S fin box and attaches with the included metal locking pin.

Accessories Package

Even though the Aztron URONO 11′6″ iSUP is an entry level board, it still includes a quality accessories package which is always a plus. The package includes:

Leash – the durable colour coded leash fits securely and comfortably around your ankle ensuring that you and your board do Aztron iSUP Pumpnot become separated. Coiled in deign which helps ensure that it remains out of the water to reduce drag, the leash contains swivels at either end which keep it untangled as well as a comfortable thick multi-layered Velcro neoprene ankle cuff.

Pump – the single chamber dual-action manual pump contains a built-in pressure gauge, additional handle attachments and inflation hose. Given that there are 2 separate chambers, the board does take a little longer to inflate to the recommended 15 psi but if you can spare the extra dollars, then we would always recommend investing in an electric pump. There are some great multi-function pumps on the market but it you’d like to know more, our Electric Pump Review is a great place to start.

Backpack – the carry bag is fairly minimalistic in both function and design but it does what it says on the tin. Made from a light-weight nylon material, the bag has a large central u-shaped zip for access to its main compartment with sufficient room to include the deflated board and all accessories. There is also a central adjustable strap attached to the inner lining to securely Aztron URONO iSUP Baghold the board as well as an included compression strap to hold the board once deflated. It contains a single grab handle at the top of the bag plus lightly padded adjustable shoulder and chest straps.

Paddle – the 3-piece aluminium paddle with durable nylon blade is fully adjustable and can comfortably accommodate paddlers of all heights. The shaft connects via a simple locking pin with an adjustable locking clasp at the top. While its good quality, its an entry level aluminium paddle so you may want to upgrade it over time particularly if you are looking to take to the water regularly. Aztron also offer a composite carbon fibre paddle which is much lighter and will offer far greater performance.

Repair Kit – a standard repair kit including a number of colour coded PVC patches, adhesive glue, user manual and valve wrench tool.

The VerdictAffiliate Disclose Statement‘As an Amazon Associate I may earn from Qualifying Purchases’

☑️ Dual Chamber Technology for added safetyMale Paddler on the Aztron URONO 11’6” iSUP
☑️ Excellent tracking and straight line speed
☑️ Forward bungee storage area
☑️ Stable and very rigid
☑️ Aesthetically appealing with great graphics
☑️ Front rocker for better tracking and speed
☑️ Tail kick pad for easy manoeuvrability
☑️ Detachable tool-less centre fin
☑️ All-inclusive accessories package
☑️ Great value considering the quality

– Nose and tail grab handles would be useful
– Additional D-rings to better accessorise


In terms of entry level boards, the URONO represents great value. Best suited for recreational flat water touring for beginner to intermediate paddlers, the board is stable and buoyant and tracks really well through the water owing to its length and design. Its weight carrying capability can comfortably accommodate larger adult riders without compromising performance. The URONO is definitely a quality entry level board that is well worth considering.

We hope this review was beneficial and as always would welcome your feedback. Please feel free to leave your comments below and we will get back to you.

Until then, stay safe and get wet.

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  1. I am quite new to paddle boarding so am looking forward to indulging more in the summer. The Aztron board does look quite sturdy and with the specifications you have mentioned, it looks quite good for newcomer like me. Can you suggest a SUP for kids who are about 8 – 10 year old ?

    Thanks for sharing this info and look forward to more such articles.

    • Hi Satz. Always good to hear from people who are getting into the sport. Aztron boards are good given the double chamber in particular so nice and sturdy and an added level of safety for piece of mind. For the kids, smaller boards (up to 10’) will normally best suit as they will offer ample buoyancy and won’t be too challenging to handle. Happy to make a a couple of suggestions if you would like to further explore.

      Enjoy and stay safe – Jason.

  2. I love paddleboarding, when I used to live in Croatia we went out every morning. Love the fact that all of the accessories are also included. I will bookmark your page and check out the other reviews of yours. Thanks!


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