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Greetings from the water Gods and welcome to Stand Up and Paddle Boards.

Stand Up and Paddle Boards

Growing up in the suburbs of Sydney Australia, it was always my goal to one day live as close as possible to the beach. Australia does of course have some of the best beaches in the world so it was a bit of a no brainer for me.

Having finally reached this mini-milestone, I quickly realised that I had little to no skill when it came to surfing though. I did however own a kayak in my younger days so paddling seemed like an obvious interest to pursue which is how I fell in love with paddle boarding.

I’m still definitely no expert, but if the water is wet and the sun is shining then life can certainly get a lot worse…

Why Stand Up Paddle Boarding

As somewhat of an offshoot of surfing, Stand Up Paddle Boarding or SUP continues to gain in popularity with more and more people taking up the sport each year. Unlike traditional surfing which takes a greater level of skill, stamina and effort, SUP caters for a broader range of participants and can be done on virtually all waterways. Indeed the Benefits of Stand Up Paddle Boarding are immense which in part speaks to its growing popularity.

Paddling can of course take many forms. Whether your flat water paddling for outdoor recreation, fitness, or sightseeing; or perhaps taking part in an ocean surfing event or lake or canal race; or what about getting into a bit of paddle board yoga or fishing. You can set the bar at whatever level you wish so the sport definitely has a place for us all.

Whilst these boards had historically been rigid, the introduction of the ‘inflatable’ SUP has opened up the sport to a far broader demographic given its portable nature. This has meant that investing in once expensive, heavy and bulky sporting equipment is a thing of the past. Today’s technology has seen the introduction and continual refinement of inflatable boards and accessories that in essence act and perform to near on the same standard as their more rigid cousins. Portable in nature and typically coming in an all-inclusive carry backpack, these inflatable SUPs are yet another reason why Stand Up Paddle Boarding continues to gain in popularity.

Jason Forsyth

With greater than 70% of the earths surface being covered by water, are you really making the most of it? At Stand UP & Paddle Boards we’re trying to do our bit so you can.

Stay safe and get wet…

Founder of Stand Up and Paddle Boards

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